februar 24, 2022

Looking good in wood

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Ever since summer 2021 when we were stuck in lockdown and wondering when we’d ever be able to travel again we’ve been thinking about sunglasses (and ice-cream). What started as a search to find a nice pair of shades to buy ended up as the creation of a company aimed at bring high quality and beautiful products to the market.

We did research. Lots of it. We ordered test samples. Lots of them too.

We tested different designs and showed them to lots of people, getting valuable feedback about styles, trends and the importance of quality. There were quite a few products that just weren’t quite good enough, and in the end we ended up with a selection of sunglasses that we feel confident we can sell to our customers.

Basically we want to sell products that are good enough so that we would be happy buying them ourselves.

And that’s what we’ve got. Sunglasses that look good, have good quality polarised lenses, and use spring hinges for better comfort and fit.

All of the models in our range also have one more thing in common – wood! We like wood. It’s natural, beautiful, easy to grow and renewable. In Norway we have a lot of wood – really a lot – so what better place to wear wooden sunglasses!

Skogg sunglasses are all about quality products that are beautiful. The Norwegian word for forest is “Skog” which is a bit tricky for English speakers to pronounce, so we called ourselves “Skogg” instead. Our goal is to continue bringing beautiful products to the market that will delight our customers for years to come.

We like them, and we hope you will too!